Dr Shahid Wazir Khan‎

‎Sara Shahid ‎

‎M. Shahrukh ‎‎

‎Tanvir Ahmed

‎Wahab Naqvi‎

‎Ayesha Younis‎

‎‎Moghis Tahir ‎‎

‎‎Tehseen Zahra ‎

‎Saba Kiran

‎‎‎Muhammad Faisal

‎Ali Abbasi

‎Moiz Ahmed

‎‎Atif Aziz

‎‎Zahra Khizer

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A country’s true asset is her educated and intellectually-groomed youth. Theirs is the role of the protagonists in her overall development.

So is the case with Pakistan. Her prosperity and bright future also depends on her consummate youth. We want to make sure that the youth of Pakistan be educated and so nurtured that they emerge as dependable tribunes who are fully capable of ensuring a golden tomorrow to their country.

  • Head Office: 12 Aibak Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: 03-111-999-101
  • Email: info@kipscss.net