Attention CSS Asipirants

Working hard for CSS'2020?

Calling out all Aspirants who've given an attempt previously or have taken the basic course for css.

We at Kips believe in working smart.

Introducing Kips CSS Smart Class.

A new course built from the ground up whilst keeping the following students in mind:

  • Aspirants who've already given CSS attempts.
  • Aspirants who've taken basic preparatory courses for CSS.
  • Students who want to go through the syllabus of CSS at a fast yet manageable pace.
  • Foreign Grads.

What's different?

Special sessions for expected topics in CSS '2020.

Research paper based learning.

Debates on current topics.

Individual presentations.

highly learning conductive & interactive environment.

Prepared outlines of essays.

Rigorous written exam practice (time bound).


Location:12 Aibek Road, Garden Town.

Contact:0311-4345337, 0423-5941921‎

Highly learning-intensicve, conducive environment ‎

Rigourous Written exam practice (time-bound) ‎

Special focus on paper attempting techniques followed by instant feedback ‎

Paper presentation methodology ‎

Research Paper based learning for immense value addition ‎

Competent Guest Speakers from various bureaucratic fields ‎

Individual presentations ‎

Special sessions for expected topics in CSS’20‎

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