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Do I need IELTS?

The gregariousness as an instinct in human beings has received an impetus anew because of growing social, economic and cultural needs in the recent times. Now travelling, studying and settlement cross-countries have become the norm of the day for which (English) language proficiency is a prerequisite. IELTS is one those certifications that helps (Pakistani) individuals who seek study/emigration visa. KSOL provides authentic IELTS coaching that is geared to win the aspirants competitive band score so that their visa processing could be facilitated. With KSOL, doing IELTS becomes simple and easy.

Advancement in science and technology over the last 30 years has turned the world into a global village whose lingua franca is English. Inter-country commuting of people has never been as frequent as it is now. The prime reasons for such travelling are emigration, education, and business; and the language needed for all these is English. English is the language of education, corporate world, science and technology, infotainment etc. and mastery in it guarantees a secure future. It enables an individual to benefit from an array of opportunities to excel in life; equips him with the tools to become multinational, and facilitates him to explore novel educational, social, and financial horizons.

That’s why KSOL offers preparatory classes conducted by the highly qualified and trained faculty, backed-up with well-equipped language lab and latest preparation material for the said tests, which are in line with CEF standards.